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We are a frontline outreach ministry to high-risk and fatherless youth. But there's more to it than that! I hope you will spend a few minutes getting to know what we are all about and I look forward to connecting with you to see how we can help each other find and fulfill God's great plans for each of us.
How to Be Fully Surrendered to God

How to Be Fully Surrendered to God

Accepting Jesus as your Savior is the greatest decision you will ever make but have you experienced the freedom of being fully surrendered to God. Romans 12:1, “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice,...

About Ken Turner

Our Mission

Hello there! I’m glad you are here. I’m Ken Turner and I founded High Impact Ministries in 2008 after serving approximately 20 years in full-time church youth ministry. As a child, we were not a “church-going” family. When I was around 10 years old, someone invited my parents to visit a small country church, near our little “one-stoplight-town” in SC, and a few months later, both my parents decided to accept Christ as their Savior. A few months after that, I was saved and our lives were forever changed. I met my wife, Jennifer, in college while studying for my youth ministry degree and we were married and entered youth ministry together in 1987. She grew up in central IL in a smaller town than I did (a zero-stoplight-town). For approximately 20 years I was the full-time youth pastor in three large churches in Nashville, TN, South Bend, IN, and Indianapolis, IN. We lived in Indiana from 1989 until 2010 and raised our three kids there while immersed in the world of church youth ministry. In 2008, God redirected our ministry path to an entirely new mission field… a frontline outreach to high-risk and fatherless youth and families.

High Impact Youth Outreach

We minister to high-risk and fatherless youth in juvenile detention centers, youth homes and other youth-serving facilities. We come, we connect and we care for their spiritual needs.

  1. High Impact Bible Studies: By simply teaching students the Word of God, we bring hope and direction into their lives.
  2. High Impact Mentoring/Discipleship: We invest in personal, authentic friendships with youth knowing that “life on life” influence is a powerful thing.
  3. Chaplain Ministry: Students and staff have genuine needs for spiritual care and through our Chaplain ministry, we give our time and attention to those spiritual needs.
  4. High Impact Outreach Events: We provide events to youth in juvenile detention facilities. We host  outreach events, in-house youth retreats, The Man Up Conference on Biblical Manhood, High Impact Parenting Conference for Parents and specialized events based on the needs and requests of staff and students.

High Impact Teen Journal

Our High Impact Teen one-year spiritual journal has been used by over 20,000 teens! Did you know that over 80% of teens who attend church regularly never open the Bible and read it on their own? But teens who use the High Impact Teen Spiritual journal average reading the Bible at least 4 days out of 7 weekly.

Learn more here.

High Impact Gear

Foster and fatherless youth are often in transition and leave with nothing but the clothes on their back. Having a bag that belongs to you with your own personal items eases the pain and stress of life’s difficult moments.

The High Impact Gear Bag is a backpack filled with the essential items a foster or fatherless youth needs when faced with a transition. The bag contains items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap or body wash, deodorant, blanket, a spiritual journal, bible, and information about ways to connect with a mentor and other support.

Learn more about the High Impact Gear survival backpack for teens. 

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

God has blessed us with a faithful leadership team and we are always excited to see who He brings into our circle of ministry. If you are looking for ways to grow in Christ and serve Him in a meaningful way, we would enjoy hearing from you!

Ken Turner

Ken Turner

Founder, Youth Minister

Ken has served in full-time youth ministry since 1987. He published the High Impact Teen spiritual journal which has been used by over 20,000 teens. Ken led Youth Imperative in the early 2000’s, a ministry to youth leaders that grew from a dozen youth leaders to over 1,000. His passion is seeing people come to know Christ as Savior and move on to grow in a vibrant relationship with Him.

Tom Vietti

Tom Vietti

Director of High Impact York

Joshua Goodling

Joshua Goodling

Youth Outreach Speaker

Jennifer Turner

Jennifer Turner

Administrative Assistant


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Buddy Jewell, Country Music Artist

Buddy Jewell, Country Music Artist

Ken Turner has a heart for young men, especially those “at risk” who would normally fall through the cracks in our society. God is using Ken as a source of peace, love, and direction, in a world full of violence, hatred and confusion, He has the unique ability to...