Darrin D. Gray, Director of Partner Development, All Pro Dad, “The fatherhood program founded by Tony Dungy” Indianapolis, IN (National Offices in Tampa, FL)

“I have served side-by-side with Ken Turner and know his heart and his leadership capabilities. He has the unique ability to connect with diverse groups of parents and kids…from struggling  youth at the juvenile correctional facility, all the way to college bound high school football players at All Pro Dad’s community events held at the Colts Complex. His love for the Lord is always evident. If you need to learn more about Ken Turner call me at 813.777.3140.”

About Darrin Gray:

DARRIN GRAY has a unique window into the National Football League by virtue of his day-to-day involvement with All Pro Dad, Family First’s national fatherhood program cofounded by Tony Dungy and Clyde Christensen. Darrin interacts with NFL athletes, coaches, and alumni that serve as spokesmen for All Pro Dad, and he has conducted programming with over half of the NFL franchises. He develops innovative partnership strategies to reach families via special events, broadcast, and new media with the assistance of media partners and corporate sponsors. He conceptualized The Jersey Effect years ago when he wondered what motivated some athletes like Tony Dungy to use their professional platform in sports, their jersey, to make a positive impact both on and off the field. A few years later he invited NFL punter Hunter Smith, while he was still playing in the NFL, to coauthor the book and to help him explore the many ways that sports shape culture, with the help of his world champion teammates and coaches.