Hunter Smith, NFL, retired, Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts and author of The Jersey Effect.

“Every believer has a calling to engage in some facet of God’s work on the earth.  From time to time throughout the course of a life it can be hard to decipher exactly what this specific calling is.  In Ken Turner I see a man who has received, embraced, been equipped for, and walks in his distinct calling.  Five minutes with him and you know he is a man born to reach young people in this world.  And, not only is he being obedient in this calling, he is thriving in it.”

About Hunter Smith:

Hunter was drafted by and played for the Indianapolis Colts for ten seasons, during which he received many honors, including being named to the NFL All-Rookie Team and three-time alternate to the Pro Bowl. The Colts franchise recorded the most wins of any team in NFL history over the span of a decade under the leadership of Tony Dungy, Hunter’s greatest sports role model, including winning Super Bowl XLI to cap off the 2006 season.

Hunter signed as a free agent with the Washington Redskins in 2009, where he played for two seasons. During his tenure with Washington, he rushed for a touchdown against the New York Giants and passed for a 35-yard touchdown against the Denver Broncos, becoming the only special teams player in NFL history to both run and pass for a touchdown in the same season. He officially retired from professional football in 2011. Hunter serves as director of the Sports and Culture Initiative at the Sagamore Institute, a national think tank based in Indianapolis. Hunter captivates audiences with a powerful message that is full of humbling and humorous experiences. He is enthusiastic about exposing people to God’s truth and the world’s lies. Hunter has carried his message on national and international stages through his gift s of speaking and singing.