God is moving in some remarkable ways.

Earlier this year, our supporters stepped up. Together, we provided 250 of our High Impact Teen one-year spiritual journals to youth in remote areas of the Philippines in the Tagalog language. My close friend and missionary Dale Barkubein is reaching and discipling pastors and ministry leaders there.

Recently he made a three-hour trip to meet with ministry leaders in the Northern Philippines, and God is powerfully using the HIT Journal to reach and disciple youth. These 14 men in this picture are ministry leaders that minister all over the Northern Philippines, and they are needing 500 more High Impact Teen journals for the youth they are discipling. We need your help. The world may be getting dark, but there are people in places worldwide who long to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and they deeply desire to know Him and His word.

I’ve seen God use this simple HIT Journal in the lives of over 20,000 youth over the years, and the average teen that uses it ends up spending at least four days or more every week in personal devotions and prayer.

Would you like to join me in making an eternal investment in this mission field project? I believe God is doing something extraordinary here.

God bless you, and thank you so much for the prayers and support of all our ministry partners.

For every $10 given, we can provide a one-year spiritual journal for a teenager on the mission field. If giving online, select the “High Impact Needs Fund,” and we will designate your gift to this project.