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Five Reasons to Be Happy Today – Psalm 100

There's so many reasons to be happy today. A believer in Christ can be glad because he has chosen his God... the one true God. A believer in Christ knows that God made us and we are being shaped by Him. A believer in Christ knows that we are God's people and He shepherds us. A believer in Christ can experience the joy that comes with a grateful heart to our God who sustains us and [...]

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I’ve Been On My Own Since I Was 12

Yesterday, I was with a group of six high school boys in one of our outreach programs in a juvenile facility. Two of the six boys made this statement, "I've been on my own since I was twelve." They went on to explain they weren't homeless since age twelve but they were "on their own" in the sense that their parents had essentially "checked out" on them by the time they were twelve. In some [...]