May 23, 2018

Our Ministry Partners Have Made This Possible

For ten years, Ken Turner Ministries, through our High Impact Teen youth outreach, has been ministering to high-risk and fatherless youth. Much of our impact has been through Bible studies, worship services, outreach events and one on one time invested in youth in our juvenile centers. Through volunteers and staff, we minister to youth in Tennessee, Indiana, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

The Problem That Remains

We’ve learned so much in these ten years, and we’ve seen God do His miraculous work in the hearts of fatherless youth. Hundreds of youth have accepted Christ and are fatherless no more. But, there is still much work to be done. 85-90% of the youth we serve are fatherless, motherless or both. Many of them go back to the same environments after we reach them. These youth need a relationship with a caring, nurturing adult who will mentor and disciple them. There are twenty-eight juvenile centers in Tennessee alone and High Impact Teens ministers in the three long-term facilities in Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis.

There are two great needs here:

1. The need for more adult mentors and disciple-makers who are specially trained for one on one ministry with fatherless youth and…

2. The need for more adult ministry volunteers who are specially trained to do regular ministry in juvenile centers as well as other places serving fatherless youth.

Our Solution To The Problem

Just over a year ago our ministry began a pursuit of high-level training to become better equipped to recruit, screen, train, and manage teams of mentors. Much of our training came from the Christian Association of Youth Mentoring (CAYM), an organization that has trained over 400 churches to do mentoring ministry. We are now working with churches and individuals in Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis and other cities to join us and be trained to minister to youth through mentoring. We are also ready to roll out online training for ministry to fatherless and high-risk youth that adults can complete being equipped to reach teens in their community.  We are re-vamping our High Impact Teen journal which over 15,000 teens have used so far as their “spiritual growth plan” and found a structure to keep them on track in seven disciplines of spiritual growth. In addition to the online training for mentors, and training for fatherless ministry, we are also adding an online study for teens using the High Impact Teen journal to remain focused in on a weekly study method to maintain their commitment to Christ.

My Invitation To You

These youth among us have spiritual needs, and we believe you, and I can make a difference in their lives. You can get involved in ministry to the fatherless and experience the joy of serving and investing in their lives in a meaningful way. We believe fatherless youth can be “fatherless no more” by knowing God and seeing Him in us.

For youth,

Ken Turner

You can join us by…

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