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Number of youth in Tennessee referred to juvenile court in 2012.


Percentage of fatherless youth in juvenile detention.


Number of kids committed to state custody in Tennessee in 2013.

55% vs 45%

Children in foster care in Tennessee in 2012 were 55% male and 45% female.


Youth in juvenile detention or residential facilities in the USA.
Number of youth residing in juvenile detention centers or residential facilities in the United States in 2011. Each one needs the message of hope the gospel provides.


Children confirmed to be victims of maltreatment in the USA in 2012.
Number of children confirmed by child protective services to be victims of maltreatment in the United States in 2012. Let’s do something to make a difference.

Discernment: Improving Your Spiritual Insight

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Jesus isn't only interested in handing out "free tickets to heaven" even though many people view their relationship with Christ as just that. They want to pray a prayer, get their ticket and go on to live their own way. Jesus is calling us to a life of full commitment to Him, not a diluted version of faith.

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