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“I truly believe that ministering to the next generation, to underserved people and communities, and to those on the fringes of society are three of the most important areas in which a person can minister. Ken Turner has not only shown a commitment in these areas, but great effectiveness! I would whole-heartedly endorse his ministry!”

Dave Jamerson, Former NBA Houston Rockets and Church Planter

“Every believer has a calling to engage in some facet of God’s work on the earth. In Ken Turner I see a man who has received, embraced, been equipped for, and walks in his distinct calling. Five minutes with him and you know he is a man born to reach young people in this world. And, not only is he being obedient in this calling, he is thriving in it.”
Hunter Smith, NFL, retired, Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts and author of The Jersey Effect.

Hunter Smith, Indianapolis Colts

“I have served side-by-side with Ken Turner and know his heart and his leadership capabilities. He has the unique ability to connect with diverse groups of parents and kids…from struggling youth at the juvenile correctional facility, all the way to college bound high school football players at All Pro Dad’s community events held at the Colts Complex. His love for the Lord is always evident. If you need to learn more about Ken Turner call me at 813.777.3140.

Darrin Gray

There are youth in every community who need a caring adult to invest in them and show the love of Christ. Youth who are fatherless and even motherless face huge obstacles in life. We want to share the ministry with you and equip others to effectively reach the fatherless and high-risk youth in your community.

We can help you become prepared to:

  1. Lead High Impact Bible Studies: By simply teaching students the Word of God, we bring hope and direction into their lives.
  2. High Impact Mentoring/Discipleship: We invest in personal, authentic friendships with youth knowing that “life on life” influence is a powerful thing.
  3. Spiritual Care: Students and staff in juvenile centers have genuine needs for spiritual care and through our outreach ministry, we give our time and attention to those spiritual needs.
  4. High Impact Outreach Events: We provide events to youth in juvenile detention facilities. We host  outreach events, in-house youth retreats, The Man Up Conference on Biblical Manhood, High Impact Parenting Conference for Parents and specialized events based on the needs and requests of staff and students.