Helping Youth In Juvenile Detention

ARE YOU A STAFF MEMBER OF A JUVENILE FACILITY? A Message from Ken Turner, Founder of High Impact Teens I lead a youth outreach called High Impact Teens and we are involved in several juvenile centers here in Tennessee. I’ve worked closely with Misty Neeley, the State Executive Director of the Office of Juvenile Justice, to keep our network of ministry partners informed of the needs of our youth across the state. We are currently [...]

I’ve Been On My Own Since I Was 12

Yesterday, I was with a group of six high school boys in one of our outreach programs in a juvenile facility. Two of the six boys made this statement, "I've been on my own since I was twelve." They went on to explain they weren't homeless since age twelve but they were "on their own" in the sense that their parents had essentially "checked out" on them by the time they were twelve. In some [...]

Take My Reader Survey – Your Input Is Valuable

As a reader of my blog, your input is very valuable. Please take a minute and give me your feedback by completing this brief survey. Over the next few months, your feedback will help me better serve you by providing great content that will meet your needs and interests. Thanks so much for stopping by. Ken

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10 Powerful Statements From 10 Fatherless Youth (This Will Make You Thirsty for God)

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied." Matthew 5:6 After living in Indiana for 21 years we moved to the mountains of Tennessee in 2010. Our family enjoyed so many things about Indiana. The people we served in the two churches where I was a youth pastor became like family. Our farm house in the country was surrounded by corn fields and flat... really flat land. But it had it's own sense [...]

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