You meet so many people in life, but there are a few of those relationships that carry on forever.

My friend Joshua Goodling is one of those life-long friendships. We met in college, became friends, and God continues to use Joshua in my life on a weekly basis to strengthen my faith, and I believe He continues to use me in Joshua’s life in much the same way. It’s one of my “iron sharpens iron” relationships.

Have you ever met someone given “zero chance of survival?” I hadn’t until I met Joshua. You’ll need to read the story on his website because I can’t do it justice here. But at age four, his parents were informed his chance of living was zero, and he was given one week to live. That was in the 1960’s so as Joshua would say, “It’s been a long week.”

Over the past few years, Joshua’s life has taken many unexpected turns. After a very successful career as a web engineer with WebMD and then on to PGI, another international company based in Atlanta, he could not escape the burning desire to impact others for Christ by sharing his message of God’s power to overcome all obstacles.

Joshua has spoken to over 15,000 youth in the metro Atlanta area over the past few years. He receives invitations all school year long to talk to students and FCA clubs and entire school assemblies. He also speaks to churches and youth groups.

Today, at 12:00 noon, Joshua is signing the closing documents on his condo in Atlanta and plans to buy a truck and small RV and devote his life to sharing the message of God’s power to change lives to youth and adults.

Joshua has a contract to do web development projects for an Atlanta based company which helps provide for his needs, but there are some who have stepped up to support Joshua through our High Impact Teen outreach.
I wanted to share Joshua’s news with you, asking you to put Joshua on your prayer list and consider inviting Joshua to speak to youth in your community or at your church.

If you know of anyone with a smaller (20-24 foot) RV to sell, please pass that information along! Joshua is looking for a truck also.

Learn more about Joshua’s story, how to invite him as a speaker and how to support his ministry at

You can also support Joshua through High Impact Teens by going to our giving page and making a donation today.

For Youth,

Ken Turner
High Impact Teens